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(Archived) Deleting a tag


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Yes, in the Left Panel, right click on the tag and select delete.

Just be sure it is not tagged to another notes.

There shouold not be a number in parenthesis just to the ride side of the tag.

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I added a tag that I don't want. Can I delete it from the tag list?

Yes. It does not matter if you've assigned that tag to any notes. If you've assigned that tag to notes (the number in the parens to the right of the tag name), those notes will not be deleted, if you delete the tag.

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The tags I'm trying to delete all come from my own notebooks. I had already deleted the notes associated with them, but the tags stuck around.

EDIT: I just found how to delete them, by clicking on the huge "tags" label on the left sidebar and expanding the tags through there.

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