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Note Organization Services?

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I was wondering what kind of resources are out there for note processing. Basically, I'm leading a startup company and we have a whole mess of notes spread across several notebooks. A hired hand would be immensely helpful, just to get our organization straight. Are there any groups out there that offer paid organization/note processing services?

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what a great / horrifying thought. it would be great for me to outsource my organizing (the most unpleasant of tasks), but horrible for someone else to rummage through my life and make sense of it! google around. it looks like there are lots of people willing to do it. tell us how it goes. i wonder how well they will do :)

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I had good experience with Scancafe.com which digitizes photos, film,and 35MM slides inexpensively.

For documents, there are a lot of document scanning services out there (google it).

I think Jefito sugggested one recently.

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