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(Archived) Web Clipper Conflicts with Firefox URL shortening plugin


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I have been using Evernote web clipper with Firefox and various Firefox plugins very happily for sometime.

Recently I found that the URL shortener plugin that I use (CutyFox v1.4.1) had stopped working.

By disabling all plugins and then reenabling one-by-one I found that this was caused by the Evernote web clipper. It all followed an upgrade to Firefox 9.x and the Evernote web clipper

If I disable the web clipper then the URL shortener works just fine.

So, presently, I have the Evernote web clipper disabled since I use that less frequently than the URL shortener and can use the desktop clipping capability if needed.

Hope this can be looked at when a new release of the web clipper is released.



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