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(Archived) Cannot find route to host, then it can and then.... it can't again


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Using my Galaxy S2 at home, I find that it periodically fails to sync for a few hours at a time, saying that it is unable to find a route to host. If I leave it overnight, it very often manages to sync at some point, but the unreliability of the connection to the server is frustrating.

While I'm unable to sync, other internet services on the phone work fine through my WiFi, so it is only the Evernote software that is acting like this.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Hi rcopeh

I have had some success when this occurs now by shutting down my phone and re-booting, it comes back with a message about re- configuring where the app is on my

sd card. I then just hit continue and hey presto I'm up again


Good luck robpk.

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