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(Archived) How Exactly Do Attachments Work?

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I have this idea to use Evernote as something of a CMS. I have a lot of 3d Content, which comes in relatively small files, and I've downloaded my order histories into Evernote. It would be really awesome to be able to attach the individual files to the individual item entries, so I have a list of what I own, as well as the installers all in one place.

I was under the impression that premium users could attach any file, but when I selected the entry via click and drag, and then tried to attach a file, it didn't seem to work. Evernote made the "thinking circle" like it was doing something, but when it was done, I couldn't find any indication that there was an attachment anywhere on the note page, much less in the entry.

Where do attachments show up, once they're attached? Is there a default location? Should the note list indicate there's one or more attachments on a note?

Sorry about all the questions, and thanks, in advance, for any answers!

- Netjera

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