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(Archived) Where can I get the latest Evernote installer other than Google market?


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Hi all. I'm trying to get evernote 3.5. Seems it's only available on Google market. However I can't get anything from Google market because of the notorious "cannot associate device" problem.

So is the installer available on evernote.com? I got 3.4.2 this way so I hope I can get the latest installer this way too.

Something else, I can access Amazon but it only has 3.2. For other places, I don't like going to any unknown sources (or I'm not familiar with - sorry) for apps.

Please help. I really like evernote and I know you like it too. Any reply or comment is appreciated.

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Thanks garychenc00l!

Also I got a notice from Amazon store that Evernote 3.5 is available there. This may help for some people.

Grant_S, I had the same question. They did have installer downloadable previously, but now it's gone. Maybe they have some kind of agreement with app markets, but this is only my personal guess.

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