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(Archived) Evernote bought four companies

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Phil Libin seems to be getting more open kimona recently.

Ack!! Cringe! Metaphor fail!! :)

But interesting article; Minds Momentum are the folks behind EgretList...

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...Evernote’s acquisition appetite will only increase in 2012.

Great comment by Phil:

But don’t go about thinking that “flipping to Evernote” is a business model, Libin says he’s looking specifically for entrepreneurs who are interested in adding intelligence and data to Evernote but don’t want to cash out, “We’re not buying people to give people an exit, we’re buying companies to give people a start. Selling your company to Evernote is the beginning of 80 hour work weeks.”
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Actually, depends on which queue you're in. You could get responses at pretty much any hour of the day from "one of the team" (we've got offices around the world, you know), but if you need one of the specialists, then yeah, you might have to wait for a specific person to be available.

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Here's the part about these acquisitions I found interesting:

Evernote CEO Phil Libin tells me that the company has scooped up four companies in 2011, including the beloved Skitch, a company called Notable Meals (which turned into “Food”), Readable (which became “Clearly”), and a startup called Minds Momentum — which will eventually morph into the company’s upcoming To-Do List app. Exciting! (No seriously, half of my Evernotes are basically makeshift To-Do Lists. This is as exciting as it gets here in Tech Town folks.).
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