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(Archived) Does evernote support Chinese fonts?


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I just tried it out. I saved a Chinese note in SD card and use evernote to open it as an attachment. Well, the chinese fonts show up as ramdon codes. I Can't type in chinese (don't know how). Is there a way to import Chinese notes from my PC, save it as a note with evernote, open it in evernote, and show up the fonts correctly? Thanks.

P.S. I am not looking for a method to input Chinese fonts. I am only looking for a note taking app that can display traditional Chinese fonts correctly in imported notes (txt files or Microsoft word).

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that doesn't sound right to me. i am afraid i just sold my android phone, so i cannot help you here. however, i regularly read chinese, and i don't remember ever having problem with font display. granted, i didn't use my android phone much (that is why i sold it), so my memory is a little vague about whether i read my chinese notes on the device.

you may want to create a support ticket and ask evernote directly. i am pretty sure that you can not only enable chinese input, but it ought to render perfectly fine on the screen.

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Writing directly in Chinese is not a problem. The reason for the random code in imported files may be caused by different encoding between the file and evernote. Maybe try encoding the file using utf 8 when saving it, and then import it again. Hope this can help.

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