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(Archived) Ability to Resize a Clip using Web Clipper


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Is there plan for a future release where the web clipper will be resizeable? Currently you are limited by what EN determines to be the size of the clip and most of the times it is wrong. So, I either accept it as is, clip the full page (waste of space) or save as a PDF, crop and save into EN (way too many steps). If so, is there a release date for this feature?

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Which browser clipper are your referring to?

You should be able to select the region you want to clip and then "Clip Selection" with any of the browser clippers.

The Chrome Web Clipper also provides for resizing Article Clips.

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Not really. I use IE and FF. FF has the EN button in the toolbar. When you press it you get 3 options: clip article, clip full page or clip URL. If you choose clip article it determines what the boxed area is (shading out the non-clipped area) and you cannot grab any part of the "white" box to expand or contract. The basis is the same as with scanning software which allows you to modify (crop) what you have scanned prior to saving.

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Firefox Web Clipper does not currently provide function to resize/reselect article clips.

It does provide "Clip selection" when you have selected a region prior to clicking the clipper icon.

If you do not want to use the article as selected by FF clipper, then, cancel the clip, manually select the article, and clip selection.

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Thanks for the feedback, but I have tried hghlighting what I want to clip and that does not work. When you highlight a section on a web page, depending on the subjerct and page set up, you inevitably pick up sections you do not want. Are you familiar with Canon's Easy Web-ex Print? It's for Canon MX printer series, but its functionality is what I am hoping that EN can replicate. It allows you to resize a clip when you request an auto clip from the tool bar. The interface is user friendly and seamless.

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And you can only clip as a .pdf if you have the full Adobe version.

Here's what I did:

After I clipped the article, bc using "selection" did not work, I opened in Evernote, highlighted portion I did not want, then used "cut" from the edit menu.

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