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(Archived) HELP [Chrome]: Clipper "Article mode" doesn't "shadow" the article anymore


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I no longer have any way of knowing what the clipper is seeing as the "article" in article mode. I hope this makes sense. I'm not sure how else to describe it. It used to be that it would see a blog post as an article so around the post it would be dark and I could use the up and down arrows to change was was "selected." Now the whole page is always "light" (read: not dark).

Any ideas?

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What Chrome version and OS are you on?

What URL is the clipper failing on?

Some possible known causes of article preview failure:

- If the page hasn't fully loaded yet the preview state will wait or can fail.

- If the clipper does not find an article it will default to Clip full page instead. A blog homepage where many article snippets are displayed is typically not treated as an article page.

- User settings for article detection needs to be turned on (it's on by default)

Hope this helps.

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