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(Archived) Evernote for Android 3.5 available on Android Market


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Hi All,

The new update of Evernote for Android is available now on Android Market.

New in this release:

- Automatic titles are defined when creating a note considering the attachment and the current location (if available) to improve the browsing experience in your note lists.

- Save and continue writing your note without closing the editor to optimise the editing of long notes.

- Pictures, snapshots and audio records are easier to browse in note view.

- Keyboard opens automatically when launching a new search.

- Several bug fixes and improvements.

More details here:


Please let us know your feedback here.

Thank you.

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Appreciate this update. If your an Evernote poweruser,(especially with a large screen device) , little things like keyboard and cursor being in place becomes a big thing!

How are photos easier to navigate? Just smoother scrolling?

Thanks for continually improving Evernote.

(Now about those note stacks...!)

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Hello. I have a bug to report.

When I move a note to a different notebook or update its tags, the note list doesn't get updated until I press the back button and enter the list again. This becomes a little frustrating, because it hadn't been like that before. Whatever you did to the note updating mechanism created this issue. Please address it as soon as reasonably possible!

P.S.: This seems to happen to lists (either by notebook, or by tag) that I open inside Evernote. This doesn't seem to happen when I open a list through a shortcut on my home screen. Also, I restored to build 218192 (Version 3.5 Beta 3), and this problem went away. Thus, the bug probably entered with Beta 4.

I hope I'm clear enough for you to duplicate the bug on your devices!


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I spoke too soon in saying that this version fixed the problem I was seeing. In fact, it fixed the previous problem but now it's exhibiting a different one.

To reiterate: I'm the developer of an Android app that has an option of exporting a text note to Evernote. Using an Intent with no added options, the note appears correctly for viewing/editing in Evernote 3.5 and is saved correctly.

But if I use the QUICK_SEND option to save the note without opening it in Evernote, it is saved, but it seems to strip out my embedded line breaks ('\n' characters) so that the note appears as one long string of text without the breaks that I use to format it.

So again I have to disable the quick-save option for my users until this is fixed. :)

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Anyone having trouble updating Evernote on their Kindle Fire? Every time I launch Evernote, it says "Found a new update. Tap to install." When I do it goes to the market and simply says "Open." Nothing downloads and it finds the update again when I launch Evernote. I have uninstalled from the device and reinstalled.


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Re Auto Titling of notes, although I can understand the intention, I'm not sure the current implementation is entirely successful.

Typically, I have four diary entries each day, representing four customer appointments at 9am, 11am, 2pm and 4pm. For the next month, I also have a daily 9:00-9:30 'appointment' to remind me of an event happening every day which I would like to attend on one day if time permits.

If I make a note at 2:15pm, it would be helpful it the note title auto-filled with the title of the 2pm appointment but, in fact, every note is auto-titled with the 9:00-9:30 appointment, which is not too helpful. If the auto-title picked the event closest to the note creation time, you'd be onto a winner.

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