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(Archived) Share note with note link URL not web address


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I have noticed that when I long press a note and share it I only get the web link to the note. Is it possible to share the internal note link, so I jump into the app when pressed rather than the web version? Thanks


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I agree this would be useful. It would also be useful if there were integration with note links from desktop so if I make a note link in Windows and tap on it on my Android phone, it would open the note in the Android Evernote App. This would be extremely useful for adding notes to things like my outlook appointments, contacts notes, etc, so they could then be easily accessed on the phone from applications that don't have good support for rich text and other features.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you are looking for Note Links which is what the Windows version of evernote has, but Android does not. I agree Note Links would be helpful because they are fast much like a hyperlink in WORD or Excel. For me the URL link feature that evernote Android has is pretty much useless because the web page takes too long to load so I do not use it.

I have note heard whether evernote plans on Android Note links or not.

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@postitnotes - Correct, I am looking for Note Links support for the exact reason you mentioned. Right now Android supports note links in that you can click on them and go to the linked note within the app. Also Remember the Milk recognizes note links within their web app (use this on desktop) and Android to jump to the note within the app. Hope that Evernote supports creating Note Links within Android pretty soon. Oh yeah, and Nirvana HQ a web GTD app just announced support for Note Links too. I have suggested it to some Android GTD apps and hopefully more folks will support it soon. Otherwise it isn't worth trying to go to the web address of a note.

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Yep, I don't see any way to create Note Links in the Android app. They do work fine if they've been created in a different client (e.g. Windows), but it would be nice to be able to create them in the Android client itself.

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