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(Archived) Can Evernote remember the location of exported notes?

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I recently exported all my notes from Evernote just to have a backup. Then I tried importing them into Evernote again to see how that works. And I noticed that they all get imported into the same notebook called Import something.

This means that in the potential case of losing a lot/all of my notes from EN somehow, if I import my backup file, I have to reorganize them again into the original notebooks and stacks. And since a have quite a lot of notes, not only that this is a daunting task, but I don't even remember what notebook each note used to be in. Is there a way to get around this?

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I tried this on Evernote for Mac and can reproduce this.

As a workaround, depending on how many notebooks you have, you could create one export per notebook and name it after the notebook. That way, you could at least manually determine the original location.

Also, I find what appears to be a bug: "real" location information (that is, GPS coordinates) are lost when re-importing. A quick check on the XML shows that latitude and longitude are exported, but apparently they are not imported on the Mac client of Evernote. This seems to be a bug in Evernote/Mac.

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Yeah. .enex format does not include notebook name, stack location, or tag hierarchy.

Two workarounds available.

1) As previously mentioned, export notebooks individually, or

2) Assign a unique tag, e.g. "NB_NotebookName" to each note in the notebook prior to export.

Better backup solutions are available. See:

Knowledge Base: https://support.evernote.com/ics/support/KBResult.asp?searchFor=backup&button=Search

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