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The new iPhone version is amazing. Editing is a great enhancement. I would like to see a list view option on the iPhone. Is that already on the roadmap?


PS every now and then the iPhone EN app crashes but so far no data loss.

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I have to second this request. Apart from the ability to have a list view and some options for sorting (even just by Title or Date), the iPhone app is phenomenal. In concert with the web app and desktop app, my notes dilemma is solved!

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We focused on a "chunkier" thumbnail-style view for the initial version of the product, based on recommendations/guidelines from Apple that encourage use of larger controls that can be hit well with fingers. We're exploring lots of other options now, however. Thanks for the feedback.

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for replying, it's really great to see a company take such an active interest in their users' feedback like this.

Regarding Apple's recommendations, make the chunky view the default to satisfy all the sausage-fingered Apple execs, and provide a sneaky option to enable a line-item view for the rest of us dextrous iPhone geeks. Oh, one that we can sort by title of course. :)

Cheers and thanks for the great work, Evernote is awesome.

- Sam

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