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(Archived) HELP: 60 mb starts with 15 mb filled



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Are you sure the 15 isn't from notes you've uploaded by sync'ing or having any emails auto forwarded to your acount or web clippings, etc. IOW, once your limit refreshes, it's only going to show zero used, if nothing has been added, since it refreshed. Since the Mac & Windows clients get the amount used from the EN servers, they will only show zero used if you sync after the amount has refreshed & before any new notes are added or existing notes modified. IE, the Mac client may show 55 used on your last day. The next day, if no notes were added & you haven't sync'd the Mac client, it will still show 55 used. So you add a note or modify an existing note & then sync. Now, the Mac client will not show zero used, but rather the amount for the newly added/modified note.

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Ever since the 45 mb accounts were upgraded to a free 60 mbs, my account begins each thirty day period showing 15 mbs used, which essentially means I still only get 45 mbs a month. Anyone else have this problem?

That means you've had this problem occur every month for the past 12 months?

In December 2010 the montly upload allowance for free users was increased from 40 MB to 60 MB.


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Also, the Mac/Windows client & the web client will often not match b/c you may have added notes to the Windows/Mac client to sync'd notebooks but the notes haven't been sync'd yet. IOW, the only time the client will match the web is after a sync & before any notes have been added/modified (in sync'd notebooks.)

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Yes, I have had this problem since the change in December, 2010. Exactly the same thing shows up at the beginning of each month: 15 mb filled in, then as I use it, the rest begins to fill up.

My Evernote on my Mac automatically synchs when I quit. Burgers, I don't think it's what you suggest.

I think it's all related to the fact that I had two accounts. The old one I never use anymore, but its title was the same as my newest account for some reason.

I would like to just reinstall Evernote on my Mac. Over the program currently on my Mac. I wouldn't lose any data, right?

Thanks for you help. I do have a ticket into Evernote but they have not yet answered after their first response to empty my trash.

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I do have a ticket into Evernote but they have not yet answered after their first response to empty my trash.

Best solution would be to continue working with Support.

If you have not received any additional instructions, send them a request for some follow up on the problem.

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Generally, when people "start the month" with the same amount of data, it's because they have some unsynced items in their Evernote Trash, which is why our first request always is to have them empty their Evernote Trash (not their System Trash) and try syncing again.

If it doesn't clear up after that, they'll have you remove your database (not reinstall, as the program isn't at issue, it's the database itself.) If you used to have one account and attempted to switch it to another without clearing out your database first, that could cause the corruption you're seeing.

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