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(Archived) Voice Note Crashing iPhone

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Big bummer - can't seem to record a voice note anymore (update to the latest earlier this week).

Worked great after the update - no problems. Now when I go to hit Record - the button signals a press but then the program just hangs - only way to restore iPhone functionality is to hold down the power button up top. Screen returns to home screen.

Regular notes seem to be working fine.

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This is working ok on our phones here. Is anyone else seeing this problem?

You may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling our app. In general, a lot of iPhone apps see crashing problems when the phone gets into the wrong state. This is pretty indiscriminate, and may frequently be fixed by performing a "Restore" procedure from iTunes to get things straightened out.

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I had a problem when I upgraded to 1.2 earlier this week that Evernote would crash on launch every time. So I deleted the app from the phone, then restarted the phone (hold power button, swipe to turn off, press power button again), then re-installed Evernote. That worked for me.

I've seen issues when "upgrading" other apps as well, so I don't think this is specific to Evernote.

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