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paperless Canon P-150 scanner question

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I recently purchased the Canon P-150 scanner and am having some difficulties. I'm trying to figure out how to delete selected scanned images when multiple pages are scanned. For example, I am scanning the holiday cards I want to save and I don't need a copy of the back of the card that says the manufacturers name and information.

Is there a way I can delete selected pages after the multiple pages have been scanned?

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Is the scanned file a PDF document?

  1. If yes, you could use a PDF editor like Nitro PDF Professional to open the PDF inside of Evernote, but these types of programs will run around $100+ USD. (Adobe is even more expensive)
  2. If you still have the holiday card, another option is to delete the scan and rescan using the simplex (1-side) setting instead of the duplex (2-side) setting.
  3. Or the best option is not to worry about the unused back of the card scan.

Someone else might know of a less expensive PDF editor.

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This may not address your question exactly, but here is how I handle a similar situation with the P-150. The software that comes with it has some defineable "macros" that can be assigned to the button on the scanner. By default, I have my button set to do a double-sided scan (it automatically detects if there is only one side). But sometimes, I scan a document that has two sides, but I only care about one. In this case, I have created a "macro" with the scanner software that only scans 1-side. In this case, I'll use the pull down menu to start scanning as opposed to the button on the scanner, The pulldown menu lets me choose the scanning method I want to use.

By doing this, therefore, I never scan the back side of the page and have no need to delete it.

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