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(Archived) question about IFTTT to evernote tasks

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Is there any way to have evernote not accept or delete notes from my IFTTT tasks if they meet certain criteria? for instance I forward all my linked pages on facebook to evernote but that includes the links I share that are just game requests (like asking for certain resources on farmville or other games) and being that I play games more often than I find websites and blog posts worth sharing to facebook the majority of the links forwarded to evernote with this task are meaningless facebook game links.

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That question probably has to go to the ifttt folks, since I imagine it's impossible for Evernote to selectively choose which notes it accepts when it's given orders to create notes. I've poked around on the what's publicly available in ifttt, and it seem the triggers you and I see are the extent of the control you have. That said, it's possible that if you contact ifttt with this question they can help you get what you're looking for.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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