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(Archived) Search box changes

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It seems that every time I search, my Inbox is highlighted. I keep my inbox pretty empty so my search is useless. When I click All Notebooks, the search box empties. I would love for the search box to stay filled until I x out the search value.

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Hi King Tut, welcome to the forum :P

Which client do you use?

It would be better to post this in the relevant section for your client to get the best help, from those that know the clients better.

For now, I (and anyone else) can only generalise.

I am using the Windows client and I have noticed this before now, with the search box focus not defaulting to all notes, meaning that you have to start the search again.

This seems to only occur for me when I actually click on the search field. i.e. When in a specific folder and I click in the search area, it doesn't change, and the search must be repeated.

If you are using the Windows Client, then I would suggest using the hotkey to select the search field. That seems to change it to All Notes for me.

The default shortcut is:

When in Evernote: F6

Anywhere: Win + Shift + F


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