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(Archived) Request : "Check Button" to prohibit modification/deletion/download except contributor

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I am Japanese veterinarian, and proceeding a project to share veterinary information among 700 veterinarian using Evernote.

Our project have three contents.

・"Memo Pad" : to share information of veterinary medicine

・"Photo Library" : to share photo of medical examination and operation

・"Archives" : to share pdf of medical information

In Photo Library, photo is contributed by veterinarian.

In Archives, pdf is made by veterinarian or medical company.

Company give us pdf of catalog or product information.

But serious problem is exist in Evernote.

There is a possibility of deletion or download by anyone freely.

I must give permission of editing for participant to make "new note".

And then anyone can delete or download pdf or photo from note.

To say adding, anyone can delete note itself.

To contribute with no hesitant,

It's a serious problem that anyone can edit/delete/download freely.

Company must feel hesitant to give pdf contents.

To make sharing archives, the best way is

Everyone can contribute freely

Editing/Deletion/Download is limited

I think it's most important to make sharing project using Evernote.

Most simple system is "Check Button" of "Prohibit modification/deletion/download except contributor" (as below picture).

We can work out a solution with just only this check button.


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