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(Archived) Feature Request - Note creation process & notebook assignment

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I love Evernote, but one feature is driving me nuts. Whenever I start a new note and have to change the default notebook, it kicks me out of the new note and into the default notebook. I then have to choose the correct notebook and modify the new note from there, which creates two steps I don't need. Please allow us to change the notebook when generating a new note without kicking us out of the note creation process.

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Hi jessedylan, welcome to the forum :)

I guess you mean when you change the notebook that the note is in, that it will disappear from view, as it gets moved from the default notebook. This is expected (AFAIK) since you are viewing your default notebook, and the note is not there anymore.

At the moment, there are two solutions that I can see to this problem:

- Ensure that you are viewing All Notes when you create the note - It will not then disappear from view.

- Open the note in it's own window. That way you can change it without relying on whatever notebook you are viewing in Evernote.


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If you're discussing the behavior of Evernote with respect to a single client, you'd probably be better served to post in the forum specific to that client. For example, I don't see this behavior in the Windows client, so maybe you're referring to a different one???

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Jessedylan, please post questions that are specific to the client you are using in the section for that client. If this pertains to the Mac client, it should be in the Mac section. This insures you get more accurate replies, since different clients tend to work differently.

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