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(Archived) ARGH: saving note exits EverNote

Dr Skylaser

Automatically Exiting EN after Saving Note  

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  1. 1. Does this behavior bother you?

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    • No, that's what I want it to do.
    • Eh.

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2nd Test Scenario.

Used app to "Force Quit" Evernote to ensure that it wasn't already running or loaded into memory.

Pressed the "New Note" button on the Evernote Widget (standalone widget app since I have EN installed on SD card)

Entered title and brief content, pressed save.

Note uploaded and closed. Instead of going to the note list, it went back to the homescreen. This may be because Save sends you back to the "previous screen". If EN was running before you opened (or created) the note, it goes back to the last EN screen displayed which can either be a note list, the EN "home" or even a page in the EN settings. If EN was running it goes back to the home screen "page" where the EN widget is located (since that was the screen displayed when you launched the app)

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