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(Archived) HOWTO: Word count for Mac workaround [OUTDATED]



Hey friends,

A few folks have asked about when the Mac client is going to get a word count feature (similar to what's available in the Windows client). As I understand it, this is a planned feature for the Mac client. In the meantime, though, I wrote a very simple AppleScript to count the words in a note; it's attached to this post available for download here.

The typical caveats apply — this isn't an officially supported thing and it might eat your dog (not really). I'm posting it here in case anybody finds it useful.

Enjoy :)

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Jut want to give a shout-out to the use of AppleScript by an Evernote employee. It's not been clear -- to me at least -- that there has been much commitment from Evernote Corp to furthering AppleScript support. But as inkedmn shows, it's the best workaround for missing features on the Mac client. Even if, someday, Evernote commits to a set of common application features across desktop EN platforms, it'll still be a powerful adjunct.

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