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(Archived) Secure issue


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Hi - have you specified a notebook for offline search? If so, all your notes are sync'd locally so you can enjoy this option. If you haven't chosen offline search then choose "clear cache" from ~settings ~search and storage to clear unwanted data from your card. If you want to keep offline search information available but confidential, consider password protected PDFs. AFAIK there are no plans to encrypt local database storage - it's left to the user to organise appropriate levels of security.

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I am definitely grateful for offline notebooks and offline search.

However, I do share with OP privacy concerns with my notes

being available basically in full to anybody who could get his

hands on my stolen/lost Android device.

I am protecting a lot of my data that needs to be kept private

in encrypted containers using LUKSmanager app:


But currently EN database is stored in default, non-encrypted location.

I would be super grateful if Evernote can give us an option to move a

database to user-selected (encrypted) location.

Evernote Android team, can you please share your thoughts

about going in this direction? Thank you!

Kind regards,

~ Ales

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If you guys don't know this already, the note content is in EverNote's special XML format, so yeah it can be read pretty easily.

Yeah, exactly! That's why I would like to see an option to move EN database in encrypted container,

thus preventing someone to browse through my private notes by just inserting an SD-card in his PC

and viewing the notes with XML viewer/editor.

I understand that this would prevent us using EN widget, but IMO this is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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