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(Archived) voice dictation problem


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Some other apps (like ANY.do) will convert what you dictate into text. But when I tried to dictate into Evernote it saves the dictation as an audio file. That is not what I want.

Can I dictate into Evernote and have Evernote enter it in the task as text? How?

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Why not use the standard voice dictation available through the android keyboard ?

Like I used to dictate this post.

It's not, great but it works.

Thanks Blaster. I'll have to look into that.

Because I have swiftkey installed that is the keyboard that pops up. It has a mike but that produces an audio clip, not text like the "ANY.do" app does. I am very new at this and maybe there is a setting I need to discover to make the keyboard transcribe what I dictate into text.

I'm using an Android phone and though it has a slider keyboard it is still so much easier to dictate on it than type on it. ANY.do does a great job of that but evernote has so much more capability. That is why I am asking. At present I am leaning towards using ANY.do as my primary task app because of this capability. I have no problem paying for an app if it will do what I need.

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I've been hoping and praying to find a dictation option for the iPhone version - a voice-to-text plug-in for Evernote.

I'm doing orthopaedic patient file dictation and I'd LOVE the ability to dictate my files right into Evernote from my iPhone!

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@Living Land: This might not help you directly, but just for the record, dictating notes using the keyboard's microphone button works fine on the iPhone 4S. Alas, you'd need an iPhone 4S for this. Alternatively, there's also some free dictation software, like Dragon Dictate, which would however require the somewhat awkward workflow to switch apps and copy/paste the text into Evernote.

That said, I'd find it awesome if Evernote included server-side speech recognition for audio notes to make them searchable (transcription would be great, too, but searchability would be a good first step).

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I am using the latest version of Evernote on an Android tablet. It does very nice diction, but it stores the WAV file along with the text, making the note be several megabites instead of several dozen bites, thus killing my bandwidth. Anyone know how to turn this off?

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@LivingLand  I've been having a similar issue, and found a work-around.  I bought an app called Journal for 69p from the Apple store (it came up when I searched for Evernote, and I mistakenly thought it was a proprietary app).  Using the 'microphone' on the iPhone keyboard, I can dictate into this app and it uploads it straight into the Journal notebook in Evernote, with a time and date signature.  I then can just cut and paste it into the right place.  It's perhaps not exactly what you are after, but it could work?


Journal is fantastic anyway, once you get into it, because you can send things to it all day long, and then sit down and review your day at the end, and find all sorts of Gold lying there.  Or else, simply thing, what was that book so-and-so mentioned in that meeting last Wednesday afternoon, and go back to the Wednesday page in the journal, and there it is, stored 'temporarily'.


Best of luck!

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I want to dictate a note in Evernote on my Galaxy S4. It used to accept the term "return" to go to a new line.

This no longer works. Am I using the wrong command? Help


Are you using the Evernote speech-to-text feature,  the Galaxy one,  or another STT app?

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I open an Evernote note. Press the edit button and the Mic button in the lower L corner to begin to dictate at the place where the cursor is. There's a flashing red button below that says "Speak Now". It allows me to pause between entries if I wish. I would suspect that I'm using the Evernote STT function. 

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