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(Archived) Choose which notebook/s to synchronise

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Hi there,

Firstly I'd just like to say how much I love Evernote! It's a great utility that I run on all my computers, and my iPhone, and the new addition of text editing is very welcome (although I couldn't edit any notes previously written on my desktop client due to formatting issues).

My question is this.

I have several notebooks that I use. One of them is for home use (shopping lists, random bits of reminders etc), and the another is for work only (some meeting notes, a few diagrams, and some mindmap screenshots).

I am wondering if I would be able to selectively choose which notebook/s to synchronise, based on some form of checklist for that particular client. This way, I won't get my shopping lists synchronised to my work machine, and I won't get my wife trying to figure out what my work mindmaps are all about!

Is this possible now, or would this be a feature request?

Thanks in advance!

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You can create a "Local" notebook that is only on a single computer, but there's currently no way to choose which of your synchronized notebooks will synchronize to a given computer.


Thanks for your reply. How would I go about creating a feature request for this in a future version?

I envisage a tab in the options menu which contains a tickbox corresponding to each notebook. The tickbox would be taken to mean 'synch this notebook'.

There would also be an option to allow users to automatically get notebooks that were added since the last synch, or vice-versa, depending on where they were.

I suppose something like this could also be desirable with the tags system, if a user chooses to tag their content, rather than separate it into individual notebooks.

Thanks for your time.

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I received a reply on this issue (18840) from beta feedback, but I believe that the response doesn't cover my question. As a result, I have created another one (19063), as the other one was closed. Below is the text:

The reply:

Hi Dan,

When you create a new notebook, you have the choice of making it "local" or "synchronizable". Local notebooks are just that - local folders. Just create a new notebook, select the local option, and move all the notes you'd like into that notebook.


Evernote Support

This isn't exactly what I asked. What I meant was something that is having notebooks which are still stored remotely, but you have the ability to choose which ones to synchronise, depending on where you are.

For example, let's say that I take my work laptop away on business for a week, and during that time, I want to keep some of my personal notebooks up to date. With your methodology, I can't do that, because the notebook would be created locally at home, and wouldn't be shared.

By allowing my to synchronise my notebooks with Evernote, I have the choice of seeing them wherever I am, regardless of which machine I'm at. When I return home, I would no longer need my personal notes on my work laptop, and I could therefore 'de-check' my personal notebook from my work machine.

What if, while I'm away, someone steals my home laptop with my locally saved personal notes? I can't get them back, because they won't have been synchronised.

Having the choice of storing notebooks locally defeats the 'cloud' nature of Evernote which attracted me to the product in the first place.

Thanks for your time.

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