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(Archived) Evernote to Kindle

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I've been longtime evernote user and when I recently got a new kindle over last holiday, I soon wanted to start reading notes I had in evernote in my kindle. There were some tools and instructions to "export notes & highlights from kindle to evernote" but, surprisingly, not the other way. Am I missing something?

But since I really wanted this feature, quick, I wrote windows app last week using evernote api. What it really does is it reads all of your notes from evernote and create MOBI file in periodical format (so it's easy to browse by notebook in kindle, example). I also made it open source who's interested in its code. (it is a bit messy... for now.) http://en2ki.codeplex.com

Note: it reads text only which serves purpose I intended (and keeps MOBI file small). It actually turned out my notes were very disorganized and made me reorganize my notes better.

Please let me know if there's a better method to read my evernote from kindle. (besides using kindle's experimental browser - which is really slow that requires wifi and randomly freezes the device)


Some documentations available

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Have you discussed this in our developers forum? That might be the best place to have the discussion and maybe even get some feedback on your build. I'm assuming this is Kindle, or Kindle Fire?

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