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(Archived) Do I have the latest version ?

Mata Hari


I ve read about autoupdate for EN, but there seems to be none

Check for updates.... returns message "you are up to date. version 3.0.5"

But reading the forum here , it mentions a new beta version ; do I have it ?? do I need to install it manually ?

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I use the Mac 2011 version of Office

Why do you ask ?

I am not using EN any more, except for the text that I already have in it; I wonder how to transfer to Word alltogether

EN is of limited use for me, the only thing I appreciate is that it can sync to the web automatically and it is free.

But it is a very ugly layout.

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I'm sad that we just got called uglier than MS-Office. We have a new note-info panel design and everything on the beta.

To opt into Betas go to Evernote >> Preferences >> Software Update >> [X] Update to beta versions when available

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