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(Archived) New Note - Time?


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Hi There,

I am really liking Evernote on my android tablet, having notes sorted automatically with date blocks is perfect for what I want to use it for (replace my paper note pad at work for meeting notes)

What it is missing for me (at least I can't find a way to display it) is to have the notes timestamped. It's great that I know what day but time of day is important too. Is this an option I am just not seeing or just not in there (which would seem wierd as the system knows when the note was created.)

Optionally I would be happy with an easy was to insert the time, not being on windows I don't have the hotkey. I have tried using Tasker for android to script a solution but it is not very elegent.


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Evernote records the time at which a note is created/ updated, as well as the date - see any note history for more. You can also change the created and updated dates. You'll see elsewhere in the Forum that we're expecting the arrival of a brand new bouncing baby Due Date (sometime), which by definition you will also be able to add/ edit. Unfortunately the android client won't (yet?) let you do editing - that's only available on a desktop client. There's no quick option to add dates/ times in the body of a note either in Android, although of course you can type them. As a suggestion, I've been using the YYYYMMDDHHMM standard which is fairly quick and consistent - but agreed it would be really nice to have a hotkey or two..

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as mentioned already, the date, time, and location are already recorded in every note.

something cool coming in ios (in the beta now) is that you get an automatic title (if you want it) showing location + date + time. if this gets put into the public version, then i think you can expect to see it sometime in the android version as well, because evernote seems keen on maintaining parity across platforms.

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