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(Archived) Multiple search criteria with Mac



I am trying to perform a search for notes created one year ago. I enter the search as the following:

created:week-52 -created:week-51

This should list the notes that are created 52 weeks ago or more recently, but NOT the notes created 51 weeks ago or more recently. On the Mac, it appears to only be searching by the first criteria, and just returning notes more recent than 52 weeks ago for a creation date, all the way up to notes created today. I logged into the web based client, and it works the way it is supposed to. It also works the way it is supposed to on the IOS version.

I cannot determine if it works correctly with the Windows client, as my Windows machine is at work.

Is this a bug, something that I am doing incorrectly, or just a limitation of the Mac software?

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It does seem that the "-" feature of this is not working at all on the Mac version, and multiple criteria are not working as well. I opened a support ticket on this, so maybe they can look into it. I am adding to my workflow a review of past notes as part of a weekly/periodic review. For example, I review notes created one month ago, three months ago, six months ago, and one year ago, to see if the information is still relevant, and if I even need to keep the note. It also helps to see if there is anything that I need to do as a result of the note.

I am working around this by using the web-based client, although it is a little slow and clunky to edit with compared to the Mac-based client (I add a tag to each note putting in that I reviewed it and the date).

Hopefully I will hear back soon.

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it seems like a great use case for the feature, and i hope they can improve the search.

one thing i can recommend if you are willing to modify your current system is to add the date of creation/relevance to a note. Most of my notes are titled yymmdd keyword keyword keyword. this makes searches easier, and since i sometimes scan in information later than the actual creation date, it keeps things straight.

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