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(Archived) Evernote for Android 3.5 Beta 2


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Hi All,

We've just published a new update for Android, version 3.5 beta2 (revision 217515).

EDIT: just released: version 3.5 beta3 (revision 218192) fixing force close issue.

new in this update:

- Auto-title: When you create a new note, a default title is automatically generated depending on the attachments added in the note and the location if available.

- Attachment view improvement: We have improved the way pictures, snapshots and audio records are displayed in the note view. The pictures are scaled to fit the screen and improve the navigation. Small margins have been added to improve the readability off notes with several pictures attached.

We are still working on improving those features.

Please give it a try and let us know if you have any issue.


Thank you.

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I like the new Save / Done feature you added in Beta 1.

You mention "this feature is available in the note composer (no grey bar on the tap on bottom)"

Sometimes when I am trying to edit a note I see the grey boxes on the top and bottom and they make it hard to edit the note.

How do I get rid of the grey boxes when I see them on my evernote in Android?

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There are 2 types of note editors. The note "composer" to create and edit notes with rich formatting and the note editor (with the grey bars) to edit only notes with unsupported rich formatted.

To use the note composer, you need your note to only use formatting on your phone editor. Stylings such as tables, in line pictures or indented bullet list cannot be created with the "composer" and thus cannot be edited with it.

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I just noticed that Evernote beta 2 force closes whenever I try to create a new note. I uninstalled and installed the market version and it runs OK. i tried to reinstall the beta 2 version and get the same results.

I am running evernote on my Xoom running Icecream Sandwich.

By the way, all other functions seem to work (i.e. view notes, notebooks, edit notes etc..)

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Same for me: Evernote beta 2 force closes whenever I try to create a new note.

Now I am unable to create a new note.

Please, there is a link to the preceding beta?

I cannot access official market because i am non US resident.

I am running Evernote on a Kindle Fire.



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I've updated on my htc desire phone.

Evenote will now not open. It say there is a problem with opening the database on the sd card. Every other application on my sd card is fine. I have uninstalled & reinstalled several times - shutting down the phone & removing the battery.

Please help as I really need to access Evernote on the move.

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Hi Guys,

Pls send us logs with the problem in email subject.

If possible pls provide this information as well.

When does the crash happen -

- The moment you open the new note.

- The moment you see some auto-title.

- After you hit "save" icon?

- After you hit "done" icon?

Is your device's location services enabled?



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We have just released a new update: version 3.5 beta3 (revision 218192) fixing the reported force close issue.

My force close problem was gone on Beta2 this morning after fixing a problem i had with Location services. I did load the Beta 3 and verified it was still gone. everything sems to work as expected.

Thanks for the prompt response!

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