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(Archived) Images in notes gone when offline (used to work)


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Before recent updates, I was able to access notes offline after opening them with the text and images once in the Internet. Now I can't. Every single time I open a note with images with Internet connection, it used to save the image on the sd card. Now every time I'm off the Internet, the images are gone. When I mean gone, I'm not talking about its deleted off the note, I mean I get that blue and white question mark because I don't have Internet. This is really annoying because before I was able to have those important images with the actual note. Now, for some reason its deleted, right after either without Internet connection or automatically after exiting the note. There is nothing in the settings to revert to how it was weeks ago.

Honestly I really enjoyed that evernote saved all of the notes text with images offline. Now it doesn't work. It would save everyone tons of bandwidth if the images were saved onto the sd card like before.

It's like a browser with horrible content settings which basically makes you use more Internet which doesn't save images after you've visited the site.

So the guys at evernote, please set the app, or at least have the option, to save evernote images on the sd card and not delete them unless the note is deleted or the option to delete all note data on the phone is selected.

Now for the people who don't want their evernote notes and images on their phone and always have mobile data or wifi to use, you can stay like that. I don't have mobile data (at all) or even have wifi to work with when I need the notes and images. It would be a simple option or two to select. This can be easily implemented, it was before, now its gone.

Tons of my notes are school notes and the images are diagrams, pictures, notes, tables, figures, etc. It's boring reading text when an image or diagram can explain everything.

Possibly due to low sd card space? Don't worry about it, the user can select the option to delete the note data themselves. I doubt it that low sd card space was the problem with my case since I just cleaned my sd card just to try this. I have 6 gb free of my 8GB card. The images still didn't get saved.

So evernote, please revert to the previous settings where note images is saved onto the sd card with those data and do not automatically delete them after viewing notes or ever until the user specified to clear all note data. Also, implement the option to save images or not.

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Do you have a premium account? Premium accounts allow notebooks on a mobile device to be designated as "offline" meaning the info is stored on the device. Otherwise, you're dealing with the cache. Maybe before, your cache wasn't used for other things, so the notes displayed fine. And now something has changed & you're using more of the cache either for EN or other apps & the notes that were residing in the cache are flushed.

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Not premium, probably never will since I don't even need most of the features. Also, the cache is stored in sdcard/evernote folder. It was once 100+mb(?) and the only thing that would clear it would be EverNote it self or some cache cleaning app (which I don't have). I'm pretty sure Android doesn't do this by it self either.

I'm pretty sure no other app has permissions or such to do so either.

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