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Is Evernote connected to Android universal search uniquely?

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I use my universal search a lot. It's very convenient.

I have my 1900+ notes both on Evernote and Springpad.

When doing a search for a specific keyword, I get every note possible with that keyword on Springpad.

On Evernote:nothing ...unless that keyword is also the title of a tag or notebook.

I assume others have the same experience?

Why is this?

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I have Evernote latest Android client on Samsung Note.

I'm talking about the devices global search now.

I just searched galaxy note....

On Springpad I got 16 notes result.

Same notes are on En: ZERO results!

And yes Evernote is clicked in the global search app listing.

I'd really like to figure this out.

Does a moderator know of how Evernote is accessed or not via devi w global search?


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HTC Wildfire S A510e

Android 2.3.5

Evernote 3.5.2 (build 216817)

I also get the some ... whatever. When searching through the Universal Search (v, the only Evernote results that get returned are when the search term either matches a Tag or the name of a Notebook.

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If this hasn't been done already, remember in the search settings to select EverNote and exit.

And you know how Android is some times. You may even need to restart your device for it to be set.

Already done, ENote selected as a "Searchable Item" in Search Settings. Phone restarted and everything. Still no joy.

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