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Can spell check be turned off?

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I attempted to add a note in EN on my Kindle Fire and the note was essentially a list of place names in England. EN kept attempting to correct my spelling even though there was nothing incorrect. I found this to be very annoying, but was unable to find anything in settings that would allow me to turn off spell checking. Is there a way to turn off spell checking or can anyone suggest another workaround? Thanks!

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The Android Evernote is virtually useless to me because it constantly changes

what I enter.  Here's a concrete example that you can test for yourself:

type enfg and then press the space bar.  The enfg changes to Enforcement.


I want to permanently turn off spell check in the Android Evernote app.

How can I do it???

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Thanks, Browncoat.  The spell check problem was due to the Go keyboard, not Evernote (Android).

Under Settings->Language and input I went into settings for the Go Keyboard; under Input settings I turned off

'Key correction' (and everything else).  That solved the problem.

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Happy Friday!

I finally figured this out after several months of fighting with my Samsung Galaxy 3 smartphone. The solution given here is indeed correct, but I wanted to chime in to point a small yet important distinction that appears to have been missed.

Spell Check is *not* the feature you turned off on your phone. At least not in the way one traditionally thinks about Spell Check software; where mispelled words are in some way highlighted as soon as you type a word. Or in some cases, depending on your software, it's Settings and the device you're using, the mispelled words may not be highlighted (i.e. with a sqiggly red line) until you physically click the function telling it to check a selected part of your document or the whole thing.

With Touch Screen devices that you use Virtual Keyboards to type in your data instead of linking the device (smartphones & tablets) to a wireless keyboard using such technology as Bluetooth, the spelling software is actually called Auto-Correct.

Auto-Correct comes part and parcel in devices with Capacitve touch screen technology. (Capacitive: meaning the screen technology that allows us to access everything on such devices as smartphones & tablets, with our fingers and/or a stylus.)

A big part of the Auto-Correct software is something called Predictive Text, where the software immediately starts searching your device's internal dictionary for the words it *thinks* you might be typing and will display them in a thin bar just above your Virtual Keyboard. The idea behind Predictive Text is to make working with virtual keyboards easier and faster. It is marketed to assist those who have trouble working with the much smaller size of virtual keyboards vs. a standard physical one, or for anyone physically unable to type properly - in the old school kind of way with all fingers and both thumbs placed on the "Home Keys" typing with speed and accuracy without looking down at the keyboard - and for people with poor spelling skills. (Mind you, I'm a pretty fast and accurate typist on a regular, physical keyboard myself, but I've known some folk with amazingly skilled at using the Two Finger Hunt and Peck method! :)

The more you use your device with the Language Setting controlling Auto-Correct NOT turned OFF, the more this software will *learn* what it interprets as the words and phrases you want/need. I *think* it's tecnically not supposed to exchange a fully typed out word or phrase unless you Tap one of the "suggestions" it offers in that bar above your keyboard. (Not 100% positive about that part.) However...

It's been my experience with both my phone and tablet, that while it didn't automatically replace text without my choosing one of the shown suggestions, every single time, it happened with ever increasing frequency the more I used both devices. It got even worse after I started actually *choosing* some of the suggestions that popped up.

Before figuring out how to turn Predictive Text function off, I did come up with an annoying and time consuming workaround. When I realized my text had been replaced, I would ensure there was at least one space and a few characters (or words) after the offending text, then tap around that area of the screen until I could finally get the Cursor to appear just *after* said text, Backspace to Delete it and re-type what I actually wanted there. Honestly, even if suck at spelling, it's still WAY faster to turn this Not-so-Helpful Fuction OFF and when you get stuck, either open a new Window and look-up the word(s) you want, or even just pull out yout trusty paper dictionary!

There. That's my daily contribution to the Pool of Useless Knowledge! Got a headache yet? ;)


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For some reason even when I dont have this box popped up and I DO NOT have any form of spell checking "checked" it auto corrects everything even though the word is not wrong. 


The way I get it to stop retyping my words is to go to go to the menu select "Edit", scroll down to "spelling and grammer" and select "show spelling and grammer". this pops up the spell check box and as long as thats open Evernote wont keep retyping everything. Though I would add you have to make sure to select your languate in the pop up box. IDK what mine was set on but it was not US English and that might be why it was retyping Pangeria into Sangria!


good luck!


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