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(Archived) Suggestions on keeping a class journal



For one of my classes this semester I have to keep what my professor is calling an engineering journal. I have to record all of my class notes in it, minutes from group meetings, copies of any papers I turn in, and anything else I do for the class. They are letting us do this digitally so I thought the ideal way would be to keep this in Evernote. Here is my problem though: At the end of the semester I have to turn in a hard copy of the journal should I keep it digitally. The quick solution is to just print out each note individually and then print off any document or picture files I might have attached to the note and put them in their proper order. This could get cumbersome as you could imagine. Ideally there would be an export the entire notebook to pdf feature that I can then send off to Kinkos to print, but I do not see such a feature. I am coming here to see if any of you users have better suggestions on how to tackle this one. Thanks!

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take separate notes (images included in each one), merge at the end, and print?

I like that suggestion. Merge notes is a feature I didn't know about until now. Doing some more research what Evernote really needs is a batch print feature. I have seen suggestions of it floating around since 2009, surprising that feature hasn't made its way in.

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