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(Archived) Ever.... map?

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Evermap or Everroute?

Friends, I would suggest you create a repository of route navigation systems. Your user could create a route through the web site interface, note the waypoints and leave a note and then upload it in his navigation program.

The user will be able to:

- Create your own section in the store.

- Build and edit a route through the web interface, and then load it into your navigator and start a movement.

- Maintain a repository of history actually took place travel tags to apply after the trip.

- Provide public access to the route to other users.

For developers, navigation systems connect to the service may be made chargeable.

Yours, Dmitry Ershov


Друзья, я хотел бы предложить вам создать хранилище маршрутов навигационных систем. Ваш пользователь смог бы сформировать свой маршрут через веб интерфейс сайта, отметить путевые точки и оставить заметки, а затем загрузить его в свою навигационную программу.

Пользователь получит возможность:

- Создать собственный раздел в хранилище.

- Построить и отредактировать маршрут движения через веб-интерфейс, и затем загрузить его в свой навигатор и начать движение.

- Сохранять в хранилище историю фактически состоявшихся поездок, наносить метки после поездки.

- Предоставлять общий доступ к маршруту другим пользователям.

Для разработчиков навигационных систем подключение к сервису может быть сделано платным.

С уважением,


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I am russian so I get the idea because it's written in both languages however I personally wouldn't find this useful. I can see how it could be useful to some people though. But it'd be pretty hard to develop.

The suggestion is about integration of gps navigation with Evernote.

In other words it's about developing a separate (web) app to create navigation routes and store them in evernote. Similar to Evernote Food/Hello.

Then it'd be possible to use integrated gps navigation devices or just navigation apps on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad which would connect to your Evernote account and load those saved navigation routes...

The OP also suggests to make other developers pay for such service, which imho would actually make this integration A LOT less likely to happen. Developers of GPS apps might just ignore this "generous" offer :).

Anyway there's no good reason for Evernote team to develop this unless they also make it possible to actually use GPS navigation in their own app.

I think it really should be done just by GPS navigation software developers, i.e. they should just provide an option to store navigation routes in your Evernote account and then load them from there.

However there'd be little benefit in this approach compared to just saving everything in the GPS navigationapp/device. The only benefit is backup and sync which'd be useful if you use GPS navigation software on multiple devices.

However this could be done without Evernote at all as well, i.e. with dropbox or iCloud and etc.

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Thanks for your comment!

For the purposes of navigation, you can use the Google Maps API on the Website

The main thing -provide a tool for import and export of routes between the navigation software and web interface Google Maps, with the storage of the coordinates of waypoints and notes in Evernote.

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This is useful?

Exported datas of routes are not compatible with other navigation software, and can not be shown and displayed on the web, for example, google maps

Это удобно?

Сохраненные данные о маршруте несовместимы с другим навигационным программным обеспечением, и не могут быть показаны и отображены через веб интерфейс, например, google maps

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