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(Archived) Collapsed stacks by default


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Hello. When I open Evernote in Android, the notebook stacks are all expanded by default. I would prefer to have them all collapsed. Is there any option to change this, or is this default behavior going to change in the upcoming versions?

Stacks are meant to hide sub-categories and give an hierarchic view of your notes. Having them all shown as expanded by default gets in the way of that purpose. It makes more sense to have them all collapsed, the browsing is a lot easier. That is the purpose of "folders" and "stacks" and "categories", isn't it? When I open any file explorer in any operating system, none of them show all the folders "expanded by default". One selects the "stack" or "folder" that contains what is needed, and browses the sub-folders or categories.

Thank you for your help.

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Is there an answer to this? Or is there a key combination to collapse (and expand) all stacks at once?

On reason I need this is because I often move a notebook between stacks, and if several are expanded, it takes for ever to drag a notebook to a location that is out of view. OR! is there also a command to move a notebook to another stack (like there is to move a note to another notebook?)?

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Hi, I am still hoping there is an existing command for this, or that it can be added to the cross platform future features list.

btw. Expanding the hierarchical list of Tags is just as important, if not more important.

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