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(Archived) Bug? Exceeding 50mb limit when under 50mb



Hi all,

I use evernote for storing my notes. I put pdf files into the program, and annotate them using adobe acrobat pro or preview for mac. If the files are small, around 15mb or so, and I right click "open with-->adobe" and annotate them, and then save it, the changes show up in evernote. However, if the files are a bit larger 30mb or so, and I annotate them, and try saving it, I get an error message saying that it cant be saved to evernote because it exceeds the 50mb limit. I am given an option to save as attachment. The only way to get the changes to display in evernote is to save the newly annotated file back onto the desktop, and then re-add that file to evernote (its under 50mb). I dont understand why this is happening, because even after annotating the pdfs, they are under 50mb....This 50mb limit is getting annoying lol. Help appreciated, thanks!

PS: I was thinking that the problem here is how evernote manages the files. I'm thinking it saves the same file twice, and deletes the old one. So if its a 30mb file, it will save the newly annotated 31mb file and delete the old 30 mb file. But at a specific point in time, there is 61mb of the file in evernote, which is why I may get the error...of course I could be completely wrong about this...just a thought.

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i would recommend that you do not annotate or edit pdfs in evernote. every time you do this (as i understand), it has to upload the file again, and this eats into your monthly allowance.

as for your issue, i don't know why it happens. your theory sounds plausible. open in another app (preview, adobe pro, etc), edit, and re-upload to avoid he problem?

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I suppose I could do that. However it would be really nice if I didn't have to because I often have to go back and edit the file, which means ill have to take it out, delete the old one, and then put it back into evernote everytime I want to annotate it. Sometimes I just add a sentence here or there, something small. It is just is a lot of hassle for a program that is supposed to make things more simple and organized...bleh :)

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it would be nice, but i think the way evernote is set up (syncing your notes with a cloud service) it doesn't work well for them to give you unlimited space for this kind of thing. 50mb to change a few lines probably adds up across millions of users. in general, when we are talking about pdfs and other application files (not notes), it seems to me that evernote is best for completed projects. for an ongoing project, i'd recommend dropbox.

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