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(Archived) Searching text in imges

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Sorry, if this has been discussed before (my love to EN is I'm fairly new).

It seems that when I search for text in my notes, that searching for substrings (e.g. the ending of a word) is perfectly fine in the text notes but not in the recognized text in images.

I wonder why and if I can do anything to have the same results in text and images.

So let's say, if I copy the evernote logo in the top of this page into EN3, I want to be able to find it when I search for the word "note".

Is it possible?

Thanks, Matthias

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You can search for full words, or for the start of words, ending in a '*'. E.g.:



When you type a search into the box on one of the desktop clients, it automatically adds the '*' at the end for you as you type, so that it will match the beginnings of words as you go along.

The search engine does not match from the middle of words ... it's just from the start.

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