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(Archived) Create web page clipping


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I am working from my work computer today, on which I am not allowed to install non-certified software or browser plugins. In this scenario, is there any to create a web page clipping from Evernote for the Web? I can create a new note and paste in the URL, but it does not put a clipping of the page into the body of the note. It looks like I will need to wait until I get home to add the clipping.

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Yeah. This is similar to the case of me (infrequently) browsing of my Touch and emailing the url to my Evernote email. I get the real clip when I get back to a system with a full client/clipper available.

Couple of other workarounds possible.

- You could copy content from the source page and paste that into the new note before saving it.

- You might be able/allowed to use a clipper bookmarklet. Depends on your OS/Browser. Not sure what the current state of those are. Later...

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Are you sure the bookmarklet (graphic) is still on that page? I need it for Opera as the old link (bookmarklet) does not work any longer. Any changes to the clipping services? Browser: Opera 11.61

At present I always have to switch to FF if I want to clip a webpage ...

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Update - the URL is now redirected to a new page. Looking into it.

Thanks! Seems to affect in particular poor Opera users like me, see parallel topic ...


While we wait I've added a bookmark to my Opera toolbar and set the address to


function(){document.body.appendChild(document.createElement('script')).src=' http://static.evernote.com/noteit.js ';})();


Only clips the url but at least it's something.

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