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(Archived) Mac died: Cannot find any of my Evernote notes (did not sync)



Hi There,

I used evernote for mac heavily with different notebooks, yet I cannot remember whether there were local or public ones. However, I did not use online account/sync.

I did once an export into a file. However, now after the Mac died I can browse the time capsule backup as many times I want, I cannot find any of the notes. are they stored somewhere? what can I do to get the notes back?



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Thanks. I meanwhile found the "trick". Somehow the folder Library in User home directory was hidden. Hence I could not see it in the time capsule backup of my destroyed Mac. So I downloaded a widget to hide/unhide all files. Then re-entered time machine and this way could copy and past the Evernote data folder into the new installation. All notes are recovered.

Yes, right, online sync sounds tempting, but I read that the notes are not encrypted which gives me some general data security troubles.



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good to hear you recovered it!

if you are doing your physical backups, and keeping those backups in multiple physical locations (what use are a million backups inside a house that goes up in flames?), then there is no need to sync. but, you will lose out on the best part of evernote: syncing from any device.

security is a concern. strong, unique, and frequently changed passwords should protect you from most problems (besides an intrusion into the evernote servers--unlikely, but possible). you could encrypt your files before uploading them onto the evernote server. you could also designate one folder of sensitive materials to remain unsynced, and sync everything else.

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