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(Archived) Evernote Love-Fest on Windows Weekly

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Windows Weekly Podcast - Episode #242 "Refreshing and Resetting" - Jan 5, 2012


Starting at the 14 minute mark, Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte discuss their strong support of Evernote.

Wow! Stop the presses! At 15 minutes, Paul said he stopped using Microsoft Word and is doing all his work and his writing in Evernote. They discuss Evernote, Word, and OneNote for the next 10 minutes.

At 17:30 minutes, they discuss how Evernote and the Cloud will be the future.

At 21:45 minutes, Leo holds up an Evernote coaster that was on his desk. Then Paul explains why he left OneNote.

This is a major life-style change, especially when you consider Paul's bio:

Paul Thurrott is a technology reporter, published author, podcaster, and the news editor for
Windows IT Pro
magazine. He regularly writes news, previews, and reviews for beta and completed
Microsoft products
, such as
Windows 7
Windows Phone 7
Microsoft Office 2010
, and other products.
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I'm subscribed to some twit shows but not windows weekly.

Evernote is really indispensable for so many people, this is very interesting.

I agree with his point about keeping a main master copy of your data in the cloud, it's very convenient.

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JB, thanks for sharing this article. It is very interesting.

I'm not sure I would call it a "love-fest" as this impiles (to me) an irrational devotion not necessarily based on the facts. :)

Actually he has a very well thought out methodology, has test various tools, and arrived at selecting Evernote on a very rational basis.

One interesting point: Thurott is all about using the best tool available. For him, today that is Evernote (with still some use of Word).

But he states that he would "absolutely consider switching" to OneNote or Office Web Apps if they fix the one or two issues that are deal-breakers for him.

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JMichael, yes, his written post on Saturday is more reserved than the original podcast on Jan 5 where two of the hosts expressed their love for Evernote.

Considering his blog is called the Supersite for Windows, I can understand why he would mention the possibility of switching to OneNote.

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