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(Archived) Question ?

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I've installed evernote on my laptop and I have an account online.

My question is how can I get the 2 of them the same?

What I would like is that when I'm in school and I write something in evernote online, it would also appear on the evernote I've installed on my laptop.

Is this possible?

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Just use the same login/password on the desktop client that you use for the web client. Existing notes will be sync'd down to your laptop.

BTW, this is not push technology. Please read this post. It's important to fully understand how Evernote works, if you're going to be switching between clients/devices.

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Hi Hank. You should only have one account. This account is accessible from just about any platform (Web site, iPad, Android phone, Mac laptop, etc.).

As long as you sync your files (done automatically whenever you connect to the Internet) a copy will be stored on the Evernote servers and will be accessible to you on any device, including your laptop. Just turn on the laptop and sync with the online server (done automatically).

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