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(Archived) Rookie question about Premium/syncing :)



Hello all,

I apologize for asking a possibly silly question; however, I did some searching here in the forums and in the knowledge base. It's possible I just didn't use the correct words.

Anyway, here are my questions:

1. I just purchased a new Macbook Pro and I've installed Evernote on it. I was at my folks' home tonight and they don't have WiFi. So, I opened up Evernote and created a test note. Now, when I connect my laptop to my home network (which IS WiFi), will the note sync?

2. Re: Premium - if I'm understanding correctly, the benefit of "offline" is that I could designate some of my notebooks as "offline friendly" and then I can read them even if I have no Internet? However, how do I get to them if I have no Internet in the first place? For example:

I'm at home. I create a note. I designate it as "Offline".

I go camping and bring my iPad. How can I read my offline note if I can't access it out there in the woods?

I'm sure I'm misunderstanding and I do apologize if this is a dumb question. I'm grateful for your patience with me. :)

Thanks much!


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hi ted. welcome to evernote :)

1. yes

2. offline is for mobile devices, like the ipad. designate it for offline use and a notebook will be stored in your ipad.

as you correctly surmised, evernote is a mobile friendly app that is based on the idea of syncing (coordinating information between devices), and it cannot do this without a connection. you have to get it online before you can make it offline :) if you create a note on the mbp, the only way to get it onto the ipad is through the internet.

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Glad I could help. The short answer to your question is that everything is stored locally on your MBP..

The long answer is that Evernote stores your information on your local machine (iPad, computer, etc.) until you connect to the Internet, when it "syncs" to store your files on its servers "in the cloud" as well. During this process it will remove the notes from your local machine if they are on a mobile device (iPad) and not in a folder designated for "offline" storage. But, it will leave the notes if your local machine is not a mobile device (MBP). It will automatically do all of this syncing for you.

Why? Well, I have several gigabytes of data now, so it is impossible to store all of my notes in my iPad anymore (assuming I even wanted to do that). It is far more efficient to just designate the ones I want to keep offline and leave the rest on the Evernote servers and on my MBP.

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I think I just need to dive in and explore and experiment. :D

Agreed. I would also suggest you don't rely wholly upon this app (or any technology new to you) for important notes, until you do get a full understanding & have tried it in the various ways you think you'll use it. It's always sad when someone comes to the board & is upset b/c they have used EN for a week & then used it for very important notes in a four hour meeting & lost the notes & that was their only source for the very important notes.

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+1 BNF

Nothing wrong with Evernote, of course, but you need to approach any application this way. It's always good to have a backup (use Time Machine) and maybe record a meeting while taking with Evernote if it is something important. And, as always, save frequently.

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