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(Archived) Font-sizing bug?



I've just noticed that, when typing a text note into Evernote, the font controls do not behave as expected.

1: Type a few lines of text into a new note. Mine defaults to Ariel 13pt.

2: Now highlight a couple of words out of that paragraph and use the font popup to change the size. You've now got a paragraph with mixed font sizes in it.

3: Select all the text. The font popup shows the size as 13pt. It should show "--" or similar, to indicate the selection contains mixed font sizes. This is what all word processors and page layout apps I've used would do.

4: In order to restore all the text back to the default 13pt. you need to first select a different size, to temporarily set all text to that size and then switch back to 13pt.

Bug or [unusual] feature?

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@madra: I've noticed the same behavior, and I too wish it would behave as most other apps (like you describe).

I doubt EN will classify it as a bug, but who knows?

It is most likely a design oversight.

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