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(Archived) Firefox 10 Web Clipper


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Actually, the toolbar button and the add to evernote menu item don't do anything. The Add to Evernote submenus: Clip this Page/Image/Selection and New note seem to work. The Add to Evernote submenu: Clip URL crashes firefox.

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We do upload beta versions to Mozilla. https://addons.mozil...ipper/versions/

The main reason for posting them here is to get feedback and resolve issues. We get very little constructive feedback on beta versions on the Mozilla hosted pages.

But you're not using the Developement Channel feature. That would enable us to get automatic updates when you upload new beta versions.


This is a screenshot from Firebug's AMO page.

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I saw here that it conflicts (invisibly) with the DownThemAll! Add-on. You would need to disable DTA for it to work =(.

Hope this will be fixed soon.

Same issue for me. Disabled all add-ons one-by-one and there seems to be a clash with DTA. Clipper button doesn't respond. Context menu doesn't do anything apart from 'Add note'. Upgraded DTA from 2.0.10 to 2.0.12 but still clashes. Would be great to have this resolved.

Win7 x64, FF10

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There does seem to be a conflict with Down them All. When I disabled that extension the evernote toolbar button started working.

But that's not the only problem. Clipping the URL seems to work if the evernote extension is set to use the web. However, if you set the evernote extension option to use your local desktop client (my preference) then clipping the URL causes firefox to crash.

Firefox 10 release, Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit

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The problems with the clipper in FireFox began after the last update of Evernote, 2 or 3 days ago. I've uninstalled my Firefox complete. Installed it again, without any extension but the clipper. And still the same problems. Evernote does nothing (button looks pushed-in) and Firefox hangs.

In Chrome no problems.

I use Windows 7 32b

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Firefox 11 is now available on the beta channel, and kicked out my Evernote Clipper as being incompatible. Clearly still works fine, but I'm back to cutting and pasting again for a while..

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Status of Firefox Mac 10.0.1?

Can anyone tell me if FF Mac Ver 10.0.1 is working well with Evernote and the EN clipper?

I've read most of the posts in this thread, but it is not clear to me.

I guess I'm looking for the latest stable ver of FF Mac that works well with Evernote.


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