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(Archived) Can my employer see my web Notebook if I access it at work?

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If I have the pay version of Evernote, I was wondering if an employer could see my Evernote notes if I access Evernote web through the employers network. My understanding is there is some sort of security certifiate feature in the pay version. I'm assuming there isn't a hidden keylogger at work, and am just wondering if it would block the employer having access to my notes through the regular network traffic if I access the web version at work. Thanks.

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All network communications with Evernote go over HTTPS for Premium accounts. This includes web browsing and thick-client synchronization.

Free accounts use HTTPS for user authentication (so your password is protected), and HTTP for note traffic.

As a result, unless your local machine has been modified, no one should be able to see your notes via the network. Relevant local modifications might include something like a key logger, but it would also be possible for a Windows machine to be configured so that SSL was not secure. (Your employer would need to substitute the normal SSL handler so that the traffic would be encrypted to a local endpoint, then re-encrypted to Evernote. This isn't common.)

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