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(Archived) Note deleted when trying to synchronize!!!


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Hi everyone,

I'm using Evernote since some weeks and really love it.

But today something happened which is an absolute no-go:

I was in a train using Evernote on my android smartphone. I was connected to the internet via mobile service (3G).

When I had finished my changes and started to synchronize, the internet connection was not very good. Usually this should be no problem. But in this case, my current note vanished!! It was not in the trash, it was nowhere.

When I arrived in my office, I first separated my pc from the internet. Then I started Evernote and made a copy of that note (which was the older version of course) - just for security.

I then connected the pc to the internet and synchronized Evernote. What happened? The note was deleted!! Fortunately I had secured the note before.

How can this be?

Is there a way to recapture a deleted file? Otherwise working with Evernote on a smartphone seems to be a bit risky.



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We have never came across such an issue.

Pl send us logs and we will investigate this.

Also, we have introduced a new feature - "save and continue" where users can keep saving their work without exiting the note.



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