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remove tags from several notes



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Do you want to remove the tag from Evernote completely? If so, just right click on the tag in the tag list and delete.

If you would like to selectively remove it there isn't really an easy way.

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Tags don't associate with notebooks; they associate with notes. In order to make a tag disappear from a notebook, you'd need to either remove any notes that have that tag from the notebook, or remove the tag from any note in the notebook that has it.

Or you can use Metrodon's method of removing the tag entirely...

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what i have done in the past is made a new tag, put all of the notes that belong into it, and then deleted the old tag. in one case, for example, i decided to divide one huge and useless tag (2011) into three or four ones (personal, professional, etc.). i did a search for everything with the 2011 tag, drag and dropped notes into the appropriate tags, and then i deleted the old tag. the point is that it is (understandably) easier in evernote to drag and drop into a new tag than it is to delete a tag from a bunch of notes. all you have to do is identify a unifying characteristic in those notes (in my case, the tag 2011, but it could be any search term), use the search to weed them out from the others, and then retag them.

i don't know if this would be more trouble than it is worth for you. it kind of depends on what you are doing.

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It is unfortunate that EN Mac does NOT have the same feature set as EN Win.

EN Win has a tool perfect for this: Assign Tags (using CTRL+ALT+T).

With Assign Tags, you can select a group of Notes, bring up Assign Tags, and then uncheck the Tags you want to remove.

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I'm not sure how to do this on a Mac but I can tell you what I do on my Windows. I have a notebook marked as completed where I keep all my task that I have finished. I select all the notes and then right click and click add tag. After that a window appears allowing me to select all tags or clear all tags, I click clear all and viola we have no more tags.

This also works for adding or removing specific tags to or from all the notes selected.


Hope this helps you even though you are using a Mac.

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Since the previous post in Jan 2012, Evernote has updated both EN Mac and EN Win to provide a multi-Note processing feature (not sure what it is called).  IAC,  Select multiple Notes, and in the Note Text panel, a screen will appear allowing you to either ADD one or more Tags, OR, to REMOVE one or more tags to the selected Notes.

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Don't know whether is is still relevant but this is a small script that did it for me.


tell application "Evernote"


set lstSelectedNotes to selection

repeat with nteSelectedNote in lstSelectedNotes

set lstTagsNote to tags of nteSelectedNote

if lstTagsNote is not {} then

unassign lstTagsNote from nteSelectedNote

end if

end repeat


end tell

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