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(Archived) Best way to sync Evernote and PaperPort

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I'm new to EN; been using PaperPort 12.1 Pro for some time. I'm trying to figure out the best way to do the following:

I have 2 computers, both with EN and both with PaperPort 12.1 Pro. I want to i) scan something as a PDF into PaperPort on Machine 1; ii) sync that file to EN; and iii) have the EN file sync to PaperPort on Machine 2.

Syncing from PaperPort to EN is easy using the "import folders" feature of EN on Machine 1. Syncing the EN file back to PaperPort on Machine 2 is proving more problematic. I don't see any "export folders" feature of EN that would do it, and the "Desktop Delivery" feature of PaperPort (the equivalent of EN's "import folders") requires me to be able to specify a folder in Windows to be watched, and I can't point to an EN folder in Windows as far as I know.

So far, the best I can come up with is to completely separate the processes. In other words, get it into EN using EN's "import folders," and separately use Dropbox to get the file out of PaperPort on Machine 1 and onto Machine 2, and then use PaperPort's "Desktop Delivery" to take from Dropbox to PaperPort on Machine 2. But there's still a manual step in getting from PaperPort to Dropbox, since Dropbox won't automatically sync with a folder outside of Dropbox, so it's not a great solution. [Could use SugarSync, which will sync any file, but I'd rather not have yet another program to worry about, unless it's really necessary.]

Does anyone have a creative solution to this problem?

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